About us

We are a diverse team of founders – this diversity is our strength: we understand parents and patients, researchers and doctors because of our education, our own experience and our network of stakeholders in the field of rare diseases.

Claudio Cinquemani
Dr. rer. nat.
certified patient advocate (EURORDIS)

Claudio Cinquemani is a biochemist and father of a son with a rare disease. By initiating and accompanying numerous research projects for the disease SSADH deficiency, he has gained substantial practical knowledge about the way to new therapies. Through his personal and professional experiences, he knows the needs of patients as well as those of research.

Jidnyasa Gujar
Cand. rer. nat.
Scientist, BioTech & MedTech Enthusiast

Jidnyasa Gujar specialises in rare disease research and is currently doing her PhD in this field. She is in daily contact with those affected. She is well connected in the fields of cell and gene therapy. Her original research background is in genetics, biotechnology and cancer biology.

Christoph Meyer zum Alten Borgloh
Organisational & management consulting

Christoph Meyer brings to CureRare many years of experience in organisational development and management. He is responsible for the systematic development of new projects and coordinates our partnerships with patient organisations and research partners.

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Claudio Cinquemani